Step 1 – Setting a price for the home

This is probably the most important thing we will do when selling your home. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear when selling, it’s getting it correct that’s... [...]

Step 2 – Preparing the home for sale

Most every home needs staging. We want the house to look lived in, but not cluttered. We want it to look homey, but basically like “Robot People” live there! [...]

Step 3 – Listing documents

Your listing contract is only 3 pages long. We will go over these carefully so you fully understand what it all means. Click here to view a sample listing contract. [...]

Step 4 – Photos and staging

We use professional photographers to photograph your home because their cameras just do a better job of seeing all the special things about your home. [...]

Step 5 – What to expect from showings and feedback

Showings are scheduled, people will not just come up to your door and ask to see your home. If they do, have them call us and don’t invite them in. [...]

Step 6 – Offer

Once we have an offer, you and I will go over it together and I will provide you with a HUD Settlement Estimate. Click here to see an example The HUD settlement... [...]

Step 7 – Negotiation

Some people hate this part of the buying processes and some love it! It’s really a pretty simple process. You know what you want for your house, and you know... [...]

Step 8 – Home inspection

Each offer on your home will include a section that has a provision for a home inspection. Click here to see this page of the contract. [...]

Step 9 – Second negotiation

Here is where we get the amendment for repairs. Click here to see what a typical repair amendment looks like, and Click here to view a sample home inspection report. [...]

Step 10 – In contract

Congratulations, you are now in contract! This is where the work begins. Our team has a transaction coordinator. She is a licensed realtor, so she can talk [...]

Step 11 – Completing repairs and waiting for appraisal

Like anything else, the waiting is always the hard part. However, this is a good time for you to get the repairs done. We do have a list of people... [...]

Step 12 – Approaching closing date

Packing and what must be done to the house; what to leave, and what can stay. [...]

Step 13 – Amendments and extensions

Amendments and extension to the contracts are typical and quite normal. Things change. It can be as simple as a name change – Sometimes, buyers need to [...]

Step 14 – Preparing for closing and Signing.

Key things to note: 1) All parties on the contract must be resent at closing unless you have a Power of Attorney (POA) [...]

Step 15 – Leaving keys and Recording

Key things to note: 1) Leave all keys in the house or with the title company [...]