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Seller Step 13 - Amendments and extensions

Amendments and extension to the contracts are typical and quite normal. Things change. It can be as simple as a name change – Sometimes, buyers need to change the names on the contract to maybe just one buyer, or from one to two buyers. Sometimes there is clarification issues that need to be addressed by amendment and other important things. Extensions are unfortunately common. We try and estimate closing dates, but we can be off. Holidays, additional information that the lender needs from the buyers and even title issues can hold up closing. Everything must be worked through and everyone must agree on the extensions. We don’t want you to be out of contract, so we may have to nag you about this when an extension must be written.

If at this time, you realize that one of the parties to the contract won’t be available to go to closing, you will need to let us know. Other arrangements can be made, but we need as much notice as possible. If a power of attorney is needed, we can have one prepared for you.