Cora's Properties

Seller Step 1 - Setting a price for the home


This is probably the most important thing we will do when selling your home. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear when selling, it’s getting it correct that’s key to your success and ours! We use a variety of ways to make sure that we are close as we can be to the correct price and also try and achieve your goals for the time frame of selling as well. A CMA or Current Market Analysis is one of the ways we do this. We look at homes that are similar to yours and see how long they took to sell and how many price reductions they had to get there. Then we also use another type of CMA on a spreadsheet that give us tighter information. This helps us know what to expect for days on market etc.

This process can take a few days, so be patient, sometimes, we have to call agents and see if there was anything unusual about the home that we are comparing to, if there were seller paid concessions, all kinds of things to get the most accurate information. But we will generate a report for you and go over it together to give you the best understanding of the market that we can.