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Seller Step 6 - Offer

contract review

Once we have an offer, you and I will go over it together and I will provide you with a HUD Settlement Estimate. Click here to see an example The HUD settlement can help us determine how to respond to the offer. We can respond one of three ways:

The HUD Settlement will also help us know what we should counter back with if that’s the direction we choose to go. Another important point is to make sure we respond in the time allowed on the contract. If we miss that time frame, the offer is dead. If we need a little extra time, I have found that most Realtors are very understanding and allow what we need with an amendment signed by all parties. Sometimes, in a really “hot” market, the time to respond is really tight, because the buyer wants to tie it up before in goes into a multi offer situation.

During this time we will:

Click here to see an offer and a typical counter offer.