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Seller Step 8 - Home inspection

home inspection

Each offer on your home will include a section that has a provision for a home inspection. Click here to see this page of the contract. You will have signed off on a list of potential home inspectors that the buyer has chosen. Sometimes, it may just say “any licensed bonded and insured inspector – or – any qualified inspector” and that’s okay as long as you are okay. I may have an inspector that I feel is too difficult to work with and I may give you a heads up on that, but it’s your decision – I just offer advice.

The home inspection will need to be done when you are not there. This is between the buyer and the inspector, and your presence may make it difficult and distracting, so schedule when you won’t be there. Make sure that pets are out of the way as well, barking dogs can be a nuisance and I actually have seen a cat get locked in the crawl space hatch before, they are so curious, if there is an opening they will investigate! Please make the attic and crawl space access available to the inspector. That’s a nice way of saying “remove all your Christmas Décor from on top of the crawl space hatch!” The inspection can take 4 to 6 hours depending on how big our house is, and you will be provided with a copy after it’s completed.

Remember, don’t take offense, they scrutinize EVERYTHING! That’s their job! I have seen them put a cracked cover plate on an electrical outlet on their list!

You may want to have your own home inspection done prior to receiving an offer to identify potential problems, and repair them in advance. A potential buyer can choose to use your existing home inspection, but they also retain the right to pay for a new home inspection. Two home inspectors inspecting the same home may identify different issues, so a new inspection may identify other potential repairs.