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Seller Step 10 - In contract

Congratulations, you are now in contract! This is where the work begins. Our team has a transaction coordinator. She is a licensed realtor, so she can talk with the other realtor in the offer and all the other people associated with the transaction. We will keep you updated all through your transaction. We will be ordering, on your behalf, many things for you in this process including:

We will be in touch with you while making all of these appointments, and you won’t need to be home for all of these appointments either. Appraisers have MLS keys to enter your home, but they always let us know when they can be there and schedule a time. Many of these invoices will be paid for out of your sales proceeds at closing, but you will also need to understand that you are responsible to pay for any services performed on your behalf even if the invoice is not paid at closing. Click here to view the agreement to order services..

Our other duties during this time include:

During this time, you will also be packing and making arrangements to move.