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Seller Step 2 - Preparing the home for sale

setting up inspection

Most every home needs staging. We want the house to look lived in, but not cluttered. We want it to look homey, but basically like “Robot People” live there! Not really, but many things need to be stored that you won’t be using in the next 90 days or so. This is an important step and we can tell you what to store and what to leave out, what we can use for staging and what we can’t. It’s hard when you have kids and all their stuff and kitchen gadgets, and other things, but you can do it! We want your home to show better than any other house in the price range and we have the skills to do it too! There are these new things now that you can use called Pods, their web site is In Alaska, you can only use them if you are moving within the state, but they deliver these to your home and you fill it up with the items you don’t need right away. Then, they come and pick it up and off it goes to storage! You don’t have to load it in a truck and then in a storage unit; it’s just one move! We also have staging items for your home, whether its vacant or not. Just turn us loose before pictures are done and voila……the perfect place to call home!

Here are some examples of things that you may be able to box up and store to make your home feel less cluttered:

Click here for a checklist to use for each room of your home to prepare for listing.