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Seller Step 9 - Second negotiation

second negotiation

Here is where we get the amendment for repairs. Click here to see what a typical repair amendment looks like, and Click here to view a sample home inspection report. Sometimes, the buyers will ask for all repairs to be done and sometimes, just a few of the items, it really depends on how your home is priced and the personality of the buyer and how bad they want your house! But it does create a second round of negotiations. I have actually seen deals fall apart at this stage of the transaction, everything is contingent upon all parties agreeing to “who is going to make these repairs” and who is going to pay for them. This one reason it’s a good idea to have “pre-listing” inspection done. This can eliminate this second negotiation, because you have already addressed all the issues. This makes it so much easier for everyone, especially you! There is a time limit for this ‘back and forth’ negotiation too. So we will keep an eye on those dates.

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