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Seller Step 5 – What to expect from showings and feedback

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Showings are scheduled, people will not just come up to your door and ask to see your home. If they do, have them call us and don’t invite them in. Realtors will usually allow 30 to 60 minutes per showing, so make sure that you leave the house before they are scheduled to arrive and don’t come back until they are out of the driveway. Many realtors will leave their business card after they have shown your property. Some will not, but we have ways to see exactly who was in your home. There is an electronic key box on the home that sends a text message to us when the box is open, sounds so “Star Trek” doesn’t it! But it’s great because we know exactly when they entered your home.

The next day, we will text or email them asking for feedback on the showing. This is good information for us – because negative feedback may be something very simple that can be remedied and we can then ask for an offer! If the potential buyers said “hey, the house has a funny smell” and you know it’s because the dog rolled in a dead salmon and you just gave him a bath, then we can pass that info along and problem solved!

Sometimes the buyers feedback is something we have no control over, like how far the home is away from their work, or its proximity to a major roadway, but anything we can address is good info! Please understand that with feedback we will send you the exact verbiage we received from the buyers agent; look at this as constructive criticism. Feedback is usually, price driven, condition driven or location driven.