Step 1 – Getting Started

Here is what you must have to get started looking for a home. A job, or income of some kind. A Pre-Qualification Letter of approval from a bank or mortgage company [...]

Step 2 – Setting out to find a home.

Once you have pre-qualified, we will need to start looking for homes in your price range. Let’s get together at this point and talk. [...]

Step 3 – Setting up appointments

Once the search is complete, and the list of homes is ready to see, we suggest driving by the property before appointments are made because even though the house looks great [...]

Step 4 – Narrowing your search

Once you have found the home or maybe 2 or three homes, it’s time to narrow the search. We provide a New Home Checklist to help organize your thoughts. Click Here for the list. [...]

Step 5 – Making the Offer

Okay – we have decided upon a home and we are ready to write an offer. Remember the things we need [...]

Step 6 – Sellers Review of the Contract

The seller has now received the contract and usually has about 24 hours to review the contract and to make a decision. There are a few things that can happen though: [...]

Step 7 – Counter offers

So, counter offers are just a way of negotiating. Sometimes, they sound kind of demanding or even disrespectful, but it’s just the way contracts are written, so don’t get offended when you read it. [...]

Step 8 – Agreed offer and Setting up the home inspection

So, you think the negotiations are done? Nope! Just the first part. The second part will come once the home inspection is done. There may be some repairs that you would like the seller to do. [...]

Step 9- How to Read Your Inspection Report

Click Here to view a copy of a typical home inspection report. I have removed the true address and names from this document, so it’s no one you know! [...]

Step 10 – Negotiating Repairs

Repairs are where we do the second round of negotiations. As I am representing you, the buyer, I want to be able to get as much of this done for you as possible, without “souring” the deal with the seller. [...]

Step 11- In Contract

We are now fully in contract and there will be many things that the lender asks you for during this process. It seems like the stream of things needed will never end, but it will. [...]

Step 12- Approaching Closing Day

This is a very exciting time! Closing is fast approaching, and you will have been in touch with your lender. They will have explained that the “CD” will be sent out to you shortly. [...]

Step 13 – The Closing Appointment

Almost there! For your closing appointment, you will need to bring picture ID with you; a valid driver’s license, passport, military ID, or other government issued [...]

Step 14 – Recording

Okay, this is the day we have been waiting for! You now own a new home. Congratulations! I will call you as soon as the property [...]