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Buyer Step 4 - Narrowing your search

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Once you have found the home or maybe 2 or three homes, it’s time to narrow the search. We provide a New Home Checklist to help organize your thoughts. Click on the New Home Checklist for the list. This will be your “must haves” and you can then go thru each house and see which one really meets those needs. I have discovered over the years, that sometimes, people have purchased homes that were nowhere near what they wanted when we first talked about their hopes for a home. Sometimes, there is just a feeling or a color or a nostalgia that comes over you when you walk through the home! It’s hard to explain, but I have walked into homes with people only to have us both say at the same time “THIS IS IT!”

But sometimes, that doesn’t happen and we have to be logical and practical about making offers. This is what you have me for! I can help keep you grounded while we are looking. I can help you understand the potential pit falls and issues that you might not see. Communication is key here; make sure you tell me all the reasons why you like or don’t like the house.

Key Takeaways: