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Buyer Step 3 - Setting up appointments

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Once the search is complete, and the list of homes is ready to see, we suggest driving by the property before appointments are made because even though the house looks great, the neighborhood may not be where you want to live. There may be homes near-by that you don’t want to be next to and it may not have a park close enough for your needs. Also, go at different times of the day. Noon time in the neighborhood might be quiet when people are at work or school, but evening time may be a plethora of cars, and general busy-ness that is more that you bargained for.

When you have a list of homes you want to see, we will contact all the sellers or their agents, and make appointments. Most homes are going to be lived in – so we must be respectful to the seller and be on time, with as little disruption as possible. So wear shoes that slip on and off easily. If you bring kids with you, make sure they understand that they cannot explore the home on their own and of course, no pets while looking at homes.

You may have 10 homes on your list, but my suggestion is to only look at 5 or less at a time. They all start to “mush together” if you look at more than that in one day.

We will bring you all the particulars of each home and a form where you can rate the home right after we view it. Click on the House Hunting Checklist to view and download it. This way we have a clear picture of your thoughts when we get back to the office and look everything over. This also helps days later when you can’t remember “now, which one had the red carpeting?”

I like to map out our route so it’s most efficient. We can ride together, or you can follow. Sometimes, when we have car seats etc., it may be better if I ride with you! But if you and kids decide to ride with me…… “I have kid movies!”

Key Takeaways: