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Buyer Step 8 - Agreed offer & Setting up the home inspection

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So, you think the negotiations are done? Nope! Just the first part. The second part will come once the home inspection is done. There may be some repairs that you would like the seller to do. The inspection is an important part of your purchase. Your home inspector will walk thru the home with you testing outlets, looking through the crawl space, checking the roof and attic and many, many other aspects of your purchase. It’s important that you be there as they will be showing you how to maintain your new home, how to change the filters in the furnace, what to watch for around caulked areas – they are very informative! And they should be, these inspections costs from about $400 on up depending on the size of your new home.

Click here for a list of home inspectors in our area. Most have web sites and you can visit those sites and see who you might like to use. We will get the appointment all set up for you at a time that works best for all.

Here is what you should bring to your home inspection:

Here is what you should NOT bring to your home inspection:

I am not present during home inspections, because this is between you and the home inspector you hire. It’s important that I don’t distract you, and that you are able to listen and share your concerns with the home inspector.

Once the inspection is over, the inspector will email me a copy of the report. Then you and I can discuss if there is anything that you want the sellers to repair or replace. This is done by amendment (a document that changes the contract) and all parties must sign. Click Here to view a sample repair amendment. (Link to Repair Amendment) We also share a copy of the home inspection. This is because the State of Alaska requires that any knowledge about the physical condition of the property must be disclosed to any potential buyers. Now, there may already be a home inspection. IF so, this could save you some cold hard cash! We would request a copy from the listing agent and review the document and then go thru the same steps as above. The only thing that you would have missed out on would be that you didn’t get the experience of going through the home with the inspector.

You also have the right to have your own inspector, at your cost of course.

Click the link for suggested Home Inspectors