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Buyer Step 10 - Negotiating Repairs

A man on a ladder working on the roof of his house.

Repairs are where we do the second round of negotiations. As I am representing you, the buyer, I want to be able to get as much of this done for you as possible, without “souring” the deal with the seller. So, logic and reason are our friends!

Health and Safety issues are really the only things that are usually required to be fixed by the appraiser and/or lender, and this isn’t necessarily the sellers obligation. The seller can say: “I won’t pay for any repairs, but you have permission to have these repairs done before closing if they are called for by the appraiser”. Then you need to decide if you still want to purchase the house. You and I will discuss and make a decision based on all the facts. Remember you are not alone in this, you will be given ideas, advice and strategies to help you make a good solid decision.