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Freshen Up For Spring!

Just for Fun! Freshen Up For Spring! It’s that time again, Spring is almost here! The snow is melting, it’s getting a little warmer each day, and if you’re anything like me, you start to feel the desire to open a window or two and let the fresh air inside! So, you open the curtains, […]

Pizza: The Origins, The Legends, The Yumminess!

Just for Fun! Pizza: The Origins, The Legends, The Yumminess! Who doesn’t love pizza!? It is, after all, one of the most beloved meals of everyone on the planet! It’s a giant slab of dough, shaped like a circle, perfectly seasoned, topped with the most delightful things, and baked to perfection! So where does it […]

Strange Things About Alaskans – According to The Lower 48

Just for Fun! Strange Things About Alaskans – According to The Lower 48 Apparently, there are things about Alaskans that people from the lower 48 find weird. However, to us locals, these things are perfectly normal! In fact, these Alaskan traditions are simply what makes us special! Everyone loves a traditional wedding complete with white […]

The Jetsons – Futuristic or Reality?

Just for Fun! The Jetsons – Futuristic or Reality? I love the Jetsons, this was one of my favorite shows that would come on after school, when my brain was mush and I could just disappear into my black and white TV world of the 60’s! I’m sure we have all seen at least one […]

Easement? What exactly does the mean?

Newsletter Cover Stories Easement? What exactly does that mean? Okay, there are some extremely complex things about easements. There are also some really simple things about easements. Most of the time, you will not be dealing with the difficult things. Realtors know quite a bit about easements, but there are also a lot of legal […]

General Maintenance vs. Home Improvements

By Cora L Carleson It appears that summer is here in all it’s glory! I am sure you have been outside working on your home, cleaning the driveway, checking to see if the paint is peeling and surveying that roof for any missing shingles. So let’s talk about general maintenance vs. home improvements. General maintenance […]

Low Low Low Low Inventory

Newsletter Cover Stories Low Low Low Low Inventory I know, I know, I have said this all summer, but now….it’s even more true!  We actually have people out there who have money, and cannot find a home to suit their needs! I have had multi offers on a listing where of the 5 offers 2 […]

Ideas For Your Home That Bring Joy

Newsletter Cover Stories Ideas for your Home that Bring Joy Even though we cannot see it yet, spring is onitsway. Trust me….it is! And with that, comes a desire tospruce something up–call it nesting, call it winter doldrums, call “I want to look at something new”syndrome, butlet’s start with the smallestroom in your house with […]

Zillow vs Current Market Analysis

Newsletter Cover Stories Zillow vs Current Market Analysis Let’s face it…. insurance is pretty boring!  I mean really, the only thing fun about insurance is their commercials!  Geiko, State Farm and even Farmers insurance have done a pretty good job with their advertisements of late.  But as boring and uninteresting as it might be, it […]