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Ideas for your Home that Bring Joy

Even though we cannot see it yet, spring is onitsway. Trust me….it is! And with that, comes a desire tospruce something up–call it nesting, call it winter doldrums, call “I want to look at something new”syndrome, butlet’s start with the smallestroom in your house with highest traffic… your bathroom!Here are just a few ideas that will bring you joy, because it will be fresh and new, and it will bring valueto your home, because bathrooms are a bigdeal,and it won’t break the bank!Sinks and CountertopsOne way to add value to your bathroom is to focus on the countertops and sink. A popular trend is toinvest in a stone countertop.Typically, bathroom countertops tend to be smallerthan kitchen counters,so you can spend a significantly smaller amount of money and still get a desirable spa-like quality. Onestrategy for saving money and adding value is to purchase a slab that contains some imperfections. If you make sure that the flaws are masked by the sink that will be placed in or on the stone surface, youget the best of both worlds without having to pay the higher price. Don’t forget to update the faucet as well. Attractive metals can bring some extra oomph to yourbathroom. However, be sure that the hardware matches any/all the other metals otherwise you will geta hodge-podge feel that won’t necessarily be attractive. If you still feel the need to change it up, just change them all up! Cabinets and Storage Always a challenge. As I mentioned before, bathrooms are the smallest roomsin the house, there is nofurniture in there–no dressers, rarely a closet buthave you ever looked up? Most bathrooms don’t utilize the upper wall space, leaving these spaces barren. To remedy this, try installing multi-tieredshelving unitsinstrategic places, with towels within easy reach of the bath/shower. If you have room onyourvanity,try tall wall cabinets on each side of the mirror.Another idea is to use standard sized kitchen wall cabinets rather thana typical medicine cabinet.Oh,but how will yousee your lovely face? Easy, use inexpensive flat panel cabinetsandinsert a mirror intothe flat panel. You willneedto take careful measurements,or simply remove the door and take it to theglass company. They can cut and mount the mirror for you. This gives you mega storage! Stay away from “Trendy–Hip”stylesWhen I was a kid, my parents had this house and the bathroom was, well…frogs! Yes, frogs–frog wallpaper, frog shower curtain,andfrog towels.The cabinets were painted (professionally,mindyou)lime green or FROG GREEN. It was awful, we called it”The Rib-bitt Room!”Anyway, it was like thatwhen they bought it. Mom hated that bathroom, but never changed it. They sold the house about 10years laterandI bet it’s still “croaking” for thenewowners! I sure hope not, but even though that househad a green-froggish-bathroom, it sold, at least TWICE! I am sure,at the time,this frog-style bathroomwas totally fabulous!(I really don’t think so…)I guess the best advice I could give you is tonotget caughtin thePinterest trap. Just because you think it’s cute doesn’t mean anybody else will…Not everyone isgoing to like your personalized touches.Keep the color scheme basic but add your personality toucheswith décor rather than permanent fixtures.So, as far as bathrooms go,add extra storage, keep it tasteful and changeable for when you decide tosell. When you’re done remodeling your bathroom, give me a holler! I’d love to see what you’ve done!