Hey Cora: So what is happening in Real Estate in the Matsu Valley? I really want to know!

Hey Cora: So what is happening in Real Estate in the Matsu Valley? I really want to know!
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Dear Really want to Know: There is a lot! Let’s first talk about some real estate stats – because I LOVE STATS! Right now, our Median Listing Price is $279,900! Let’s just take a look at this history and see what’s been going on here: December 2016 our Median price was $249,900, January jumped to $255K and then dropped a bit in Feb of 2017 to $253,400. (remember these are listing prices). Then in March we came bounding back at $265,000. Now why did that happen you ask? (I know you did – you can’t pretend!) Usually it happens because of the time of the year. This is when a huge number of homes come on the market and it increased the inventory and therefore the median listing price as well. By April of 2017, prices soared again to $275,000! That’s quite an increase from December’s dismal $249,900! Then for May, June and July of 2017, not much changed. The prices leveled out to $269,900 and then dropped slightly to $262,500 in August and then again in September to $259,900 staying close to that number until January of 2018. Now don’t be discouraged by this. This show us that growth is occurring, but at a slow steady rate. Average price per square foot is $155 (keep in mind that this does not include garage square footage, only living space) So, let’s now move into 2018 – so far, not dips just steady consistent growth.
January: $264,000
February: $269,500
March: $275,000
April: $279,900

You don’t need a graph chart to see that steady climb.
Now, to schools. The top-rated schools are based on test scores are as follows:

Elementary: Cottonwood Creek, John Shaw, Meadow Lakes and Willow all had 5 stars, the top rating.

Four Stars were Big Lake, Finger Lake, Goose Bay, Larson, Pio­neer Peak, and Snowshoe.

Middle Schools: Houston Middle School and Teeland Middle both had 4 starts. Wasil­la and Colony Middle each had three stars.

High Schools: Colony and Wasilla both have 4 stars with Houston having 3

Rental Properties

Three bedroom two bath homes are rent­ing for about $1250 to $1400 per month de­pending on age and if there is a garage or not. We are seeing more one bedroom apart­ments for rent. Those are almost always under $1000 per month – usually between $750 and $900 per month – again depend­ing on age and garage space. It’s very, very close to $100 per square foot. That means 1100 square feet = $1100 bucks per month.

Anchorage and the Valley

Prices of homes are less expensive in the Valley than in Anchorage. Right now, the average value of homes in Anchorage is $335,000 and the home is on a 16th of an acre rather then closer to a full acre in the Valley. Homes in the val­ley are also on well and septic, whereas Anchorage has a large water and sewage system. It’s only when you get up on the hillside in Anchorage that wells and septic systems become a factor. Natural gas is available in most places near Palmer and Wasilla, but oil heat is still used just outside those ar­eas and as we know, oil heat is much more expensive than natural gas. This means that when house shopping, take that into con­sideration – oil heat – it’s guna cost ya! Sometimes, gas is just down the road, but it can easily be upwards of $5000 to bring it in. When using the MLS, check the box for natural gas.

Other General Info:

There is a lot happening. New businesses coming to town, roads are coming in and being improved. Prices are steady but com­ing up. All is looking up in the Valley.