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About Me

Bios are hard to write because my mom always said “avoid talking about yourself too much and be humble at all times” – so it’s difficult to “brag”, of you will, about our services. So I will give this a try…

Real Estate wasn’t my first career. When my children were young, I worked as an illustrator for a children’s magazine. I then branched out into books, while still drawing for the magazine, and also some graphic work. It was fun and creative and I loved it. I especially loved being able to work from home, and this was long before the internet!

That company was sold to a Canadian company and I began to work for myself doing graphic design and advertising, still working from home.

My husband was a general contractor and many times I would draw renderings for him or design house plans. I love to design plans, I would imagine where my furniture would go and what colors I would use. It’s just fun for me. But I noticed that when I would design his plans, those he hired to sell his homes, weren’t selling them for how I designed them. That was important to me, so I told him I was going to get my real estate license and sell his homes myself!

So, here we are 27+ years later, selling much more than just homes, but also multi-unit properties, land and some commercial properties as well. SO I guess you could call me the “accidental realtor”.

I love this job too, I love the people I work with and I love the flexibility and creativity required. Seems strange that this is a creeative career but it is. There are so many diferent loan programs out there to meet all your specific needs, and being able to put them all together with the right house is just so satisfying! Really! So now, I am ready to get started if you are!

I would love to work with you and
"Unlock some Doors!"

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